HPE Superdrome Flex

HP Enterprise Superdome Flex Specs

Our base unit would have eight chassis in a cabinet with 32 sockets. Each with an Intel® Xeon® Gold 6144 Processor with 8-cores (times 32 means 256 cores), and each Central Processing Unit has 16 threads or 512 threads total. All running at a frequency of 3.5 billion Hertz or 3.5 GigaHz.

Each of the eight chassis will support eight DDR4 DIMM memory sticks per processor, and each one a 32 GB DDR4-2666 (CAS-19-19-19) Registered DIMM. This means 8×32 or 256GB Ram per core processor, or 1,024 GB of DDR4 memory per chassis, times eight chassis per cabinet equals eight terabytes of memory on board.

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