Just to name a few business areas in the private sector we seek to explore and engage in:

Renaissance Real Estate ™ – a prime holding company to quickly generate revenue
– at first acquiring two or more family homes near university campuses. then prime real estate

  • Solar Self Reliant Homes ™ – residential solar underground architecture off the grid
    – with no heating or air conditioning bills and plenty of sunshine for indoor gardening
  • Durable Sustainable Communities ™ – similar to the Shire in Lord of the Rings
    – not just built into hilly grass lands but also partially underground pueblo brick homes


Cellulosic ethanol production – diesel biofuel produced from grasses, wood, algae, or cellulose
– an existing, proven technology that is superior to ethanol from corn. to wean us from foreign crude oil

  • Hybrid Diesel-Electric Motors ™ or HDE – which may become bigger than General Motors
    – to best utilize idle steel mills and latent manufacturing capacity in Lackawanna NY for example


Applied Plasma Physics Lab ™ – concentrating on various kinds of nuclear fusion at room temperature
– a virtual independent applied research and product development laboratory in cyber space

  • Third Millennium Fusion ™ – not just hard fusion but mainly LENR, CANR, LANR and CMNS
    – Low Energy,  Chemically Assisted, Lattice Assisted, and Lattice Enabled Nuclear fusion Reactions (CMNS)
  • Fusion Fuel Production ™ – extracting heavy hydrogen isotopes from sea water
    – drawing from our oceans, pure heavy water or deuterium as a fuel for nuclear fusion power
    – plus a kind of hard nuclear fusion breeder reactor to generate heavy hydrogen isotopes in two stages


EMP Hardened SSD ™ – Electro-Magnetic Pulse hardened solid state devices not just for our military
– to help defend against the threat to our main electric power generation and distribution grid

  • Y3K Magnetic Bubbles ™ – applied research and product development into this area
    – something that was discovered decades ago but never pursued in our laboratories much
  • Computer Aided WFI ™ – microelectronic design engineering in the area of wafer scale integration
    – another technology that was investigated decades ago but abandoned for being ahead of its time


Cosmic Torus Supercomputers ™ – virtual array processors with infinite nodes or cores
– best utilizing advanced operating systems and existing HP Enterprise Superdome Flex server hardware

  • Y3K Software Engineering ™ – for more advanced simulations & control systems applications
    – working on next generation APL programming algorithms and Computer Aided Software Engineering tools
  • Aquarian Digital Arts ™ – for advance computer generated imagery to compete with Solid Works
    – not just for Hollywood special effects or Computer Generated Imagery but Design Engineering applications

In addition to several classified US Department of Defense projects using a secure Virtual Private Network.
This will allow most of our staff to telecommute except for those who live in the greater Syracuse NY area.

Plus multiple military grade Bulwarks ™ co-located advanced servers and Network Operating Centers and ISP.
Where we would be competing for unsolicited military research grants and use advanced workstations.

Mainly producing working prototypes at locations in the greater Syracuse New York area, but also in other plants.

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